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March 12, 2014

out & about // first

Hello makers!

I thought I'd take a moment & write a little bit about what's been going on. It's good to reflect & regroup, right? Spring is almost here - which in Florida means summer is just around the corner - so I've been enjoying the warmth before it turns into a sweltering heat. This means taking walks, biking, or just sitting outside & listening to the bees. 

Watching // Arrested Development. Again. It's so good! I can't believe so many people had to tell me to watch this show before I decided to just go ahead & do the damn thing. & it's so good! I'm pretty picky about what I watch, but this is just one of those shows that cracks me up to no end.

Listening // Lots of love songs. Spring has got me smitten, what can I say. 

Doing // Biking & crafting (this should be the last time I put crafting on the list - I'm always crafting). The weather is so nice out & since my girlfriend got a new bike, we've been biking all over this town. I used to think of biking as just another means of transportation, getting me from point A to point B, but after our two hour long ride yesterday (just for the heck of it) I have to say I like it as a leisure activity as well. 

Feeling // Ouch-y. Sunburned & sore!

Loving // Life. That's oh-so-cheesy I know, but our three-year anniversary is coming up so I've been thinking about love a lot lately. We're getting all dolled up to go out to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary, which makes me feel special I must say. I'm very lucky to be with the girl I'm with. 


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