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March 2, 2014

earring booklet

If you're anything like me, you have a LOT of earrings, & they are disorganized & difficult to find & pair up. My earring studs have been sitting in a small box inside of another small box in my dresser drawer - not conducive to easily accessorizing! I decided to change this by making a simple, DIY earring stud booklet! 

I was inspired to make this booklet when I bought some earrings at Urban Outfitters. They came on these cute little pieces of card stock. So I thought, why not make a larger version? 

To make this booklet, you'll need a few things that you probably already have lying around. Aren't cheap/free DIYs the best?

You'll need:

  • Card stock (I'm using a cereal box)
  • Wire
  • Rubber cement or spray adhesive
  • Magazine pages or other fun paper
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters/pliers 
  • A tool that will poke holes large enough to fit earrings through (like an embroidery needle or an awl) 

First, decide what size you want your earring booklet to be (I'm making mine to fit inside my jewelry box). Cut card stock rectangles to the size of your desired book. You'll need two rectangles for the front & back cover, two to three rectangles for the middle pages (depending on how many earrings you have!), & an extra rectangle for a template. 

Put your template rectangle to the side. Now it's time to decorate your pages! Use rubber cement or spray glue as an adhesive, & decorate with magazine pages, scrapbook paper, drawing, anything you want.  

Okay, back to the template rectangle! Using your needle or awl, pierce the cardboard where you'd like your earrings to go. You'll also want to make three or four holes on the side (that way you'll be able to bind your book together later). 

Apply your template to your decorated pages with your needle. I found when poking through the template holes into the page that doing it over carpeting was easier, plus you won't stab yourself. I scored my edges too, but upon completion of this project, found out it wasn't really necessary (oops!).

On your cover pages, only poke through the binding edge! Now lay your pages in order.

Cut four small pieces of wire. Feed each wire through a hole on the binding edge through all pages, then bend the wire closed to make a ring. Make sure your rings are rather large, because once you put your earring studs in the book will triple in size. Cut off any excess wire. 


Cheap or free DIYs are the best, am I right? Any other ideas on how to store your jewelry? 

xoxo - 

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