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March 22, 2014

gold clay earrings

Gold jewelry, round two! I guess when I named this blog We Can Make Anything, I should have included a footnote saying "mostly out of Sculpey because Sculpey is the bomb." I made these earrings in a triangle shape, but any shape works!
You'll need a few things:

  • Gold leaf pen
  • Glue 
  • Polymer clay
  • Flat-faced earrings
  • X-acto knife
  • Oven
Roll out your polymer clay, about 1/8th inch thick. Place your earrings on top of the clay to get an idea of how large your shapes should be. 
Preheat your oven to 275ยบ.
With your x-acto blade, cut your shape out of the clay.

Move your clay pieces to a piece of aluminum foil & bake on a pan for five minutes.
When your shapes are cooled, paint with your gold pen!

Glue your shapes to the flat side of your earrings, & wa-la!
It was so easy, I made some circular ones as well. 

- m.e.

P.S. Keep your earrings organized in an Earring Booklet.

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