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March 26, 2014

mason jar change bank

Time for a quick DIY! I love sprucing up little elements around my home. I wanted to decorate the coin jar that's been sitting on my bedside table, & how better than to make this colorful slot-lid to top it! Maybe it'll encourage me to save more of my pennies. 

To make this project, you'll need some tools & materials:

  • Hammer
  • Masking tape
  • Washi tape
  • Jar lid & ring
  • Scissors
  • Large nail
  • Marker
  • Wire cutters & pliers

First, trace a slot on the top of your lid with a marker.

Using a hammer & the nail, you're going to puncture along your marker line. I taped my lid to the top of the ring to stabilize it & give it some room underneath for the nail to go through. Just hammer the nail in, then pull it out to make each hole. 

Hammer as many holes as you can along the line. 

You should be able to remove the metal piece in the middle of your lid as shown above. If it resists, use your pliers to yank it out (bending the metal back & forth worked for me to remove it).

Using the wire cutters, cut off any jagged bit of metal remaining. 

Then cover your lid with masking tape, making sure to cover the cut metal. This way you won't cut yourself on the lid later!

Then cover the lid with washi tape!

Now it's time to start pinching pennies!

Seriously though, I really need to start getting serious about this saving thing. All part of being a good adult, right?


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