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March 15, 2014

recycled tissue box

I'm going to be candid right now: sometimes I can be pretty cheap. For instance, rather than buying a box of tissues for our runny noses courtesy of spring pollination, I've been using toilet paper. Which, if you couldn't surmise on your own, is pretty trashy-looking on the bedside table. What can I say - I just can't bring myself to spend money if I don't need to. My cheapness has found a way to pretty this up, & my tissue box is now reusable!

For a decoupaged tissue box of your own, you'll need  a few things:

  • Empty tissue box
  • Pretty paper (magazine pages, in my case)
  • Large paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • X-acto blade
  • Adhesive velcro 
  • And of course, toilet paper

I opened the box up in the back. 

Then I decoupaged my tissue box, one side at a time. I completely covered the top of the box, too. 

While my box dried, I pulled the cardboard tube out of my TP. That way my tissue comes from the middle of the roll & not awkwardly from the side. 

Once dry, I used my X-acto knife & cut the top of the box like so. 

Then I put my velcro on the back flaps so I can open & close it with ease when I run out of tissues. Easy peasy & done. 


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