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March 16, 2014

vanilla extract

When it comes to projects, I can be a bit impatient at times. If I can't figure out a way to finish a project in a day, I sometimes won't do it at all. I made my vanilla extract about a month & a half ago, & it has definitely tested my patience. Every time I reached into the cupboard to grab something, I had to check on my extract to see if it was ready yet. And every time I checked I was met with disappointment. 
Until today! It's finally done! I can bake some sweets!

If you want to make your own batch of patience-testing vanilla extract, you'll need a few things:

  • 2-3 dried vanilla bean pods
  • Vodka (something clear, like Smirnoff or Grey Goose)
  • Scissors
  • A small glass jar with a lid

Cut the vanilla bean pods down the middle, leaving the bottom & top attached, as seen below. 

Place your vanilla pods in your jar, then fill the jar to the top with vodka. 

Close up your jar & store it somewhere dark (like the back of a cupboard) for two months, or until liquid is dark. 

The best part about homemade vanilla extract is that if you run low, you can just pour more vodka in with the pods. How economical is that?

I know extract isn't particularly expensive, but there's something quite rewarding about being able to use ingredients made from your own two hands. 


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