April 8, 2014

out & about // reset & regroup

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Lately I've been feeling the need to reset & regroup in my life. I know everyone must feel like this from time to time, & I wonder how different people deal with this feeling. I tackle most of my life problems with lists, & regrouping is no exception. How do you reset?

There are a lot of projects that I've been looking forward to, some of which I'm sure will find their way onto this blog. It seems as though I will be staying put housing-wise for a bit longer than I anticipated, & this has brought on a desire to "prettify" my space.

Upcoming projects: 
    • Organize & de-clutter the sunroom (this is one of those spaces that seems to catch all, in addition to housing the washer & dryer)
    • Decorate the fireplace mantel (drawing inspiration from here, here, & here.)
    • Decorate the Mom's living room (my dear sweet mother has decided she hates everything about her current living space & has asked me to help in the redesign. She's looking for warm colors paired with green & off-white. This is quite the project, as everything she currently owns is "beach themed!" Stay tuned for more on this redesign, I think it will be fun!)
    • Decorate refrigerator (as you can see in my recycling bin post, my fridge is rusty & just overall pretty gross. Since we're renting, I'm going to see what I can do with contact paper to liven it up a bit. I keep perusing the lovely prints on Chasing Paper, but they're a bit out of my price range. C'est la vie)
    • Have a yard sale (part of prettifying my space involved removing things from the space, so we've been planning for a big yard sale in a few weeks. Since we don't have enough things to sell for a proper yard sale, we've been asking friends to bring over their unwanted belongings so we can have a giant yard sale! It's going to be tiring with all the fliers, pricing, & advertising we have to do, but I think it will pay off in the end)

Don't lists make you feel better? Maybe that's just me.


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