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April 9, 2014

bunting banner

Today's post features two very popular crafting trends: bunting & chevron! This banner is the new addition to my craft room. I love how it looks in the light, & it makes me smile every time I come into the room. Honestly I'm thinking about making a banner for every space in my house, but I need to remind myself not to go over-board!

Bunting banners are pretty self-explanatory - triangles sitting prettily in a row. These triangles can either be glued to a string, or sewn together as I've done with my banner. There are endless ways to make bunting banners, but how you make them all depends on the banner's intended purpose. 

Before you make your bunting banner, consider how you're going to use it:

Indoor banners // Indoor banners can be made from all sorts of materials, from felt to paper bags to scrapbooking paper!

Outdoor banners // Outdoor banners need to be made out of weather-proof materials, like oil cloth or outdoor fabric. You also need to consider the cord your banner hangs on outside. Nylon or fishing line work well against the rains & winds. 

Non-permanent banners // If you're making a banner for a party or a wedding, use cheap materials like paper or muslin. There's no reason to spend a bunch of money on something that's going to end up being used only once. Craft within reason.

Permanent banners // Permanent banners need to be made with care. Use materials that will last. Fabric works well for permanent banners, as they can potentially be washed. Paper banners work well for holidays, as they can be stored & reused. 

How do you use your banners? How many have you invited into your home? Are you as tickled with this trend as I am? 


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