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May 7, 2014

caramel sauce

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you'll know I attempted to make caramel sauce yesterday. Guess what? It worked! Man oh man was it easy. Which is great news for me, who usually burns caramel sauce. This method was one ingredient & done. 

All you need to make this caramel sauce is a can of sweetened condensed milk & three hours! What? That's it? YES IT IS. How blown in your mind right now?

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Directions // Peel the label off the can, then completely submerge the unopened can on its side in a pot of water. Set to a steady, slow boil for three hours. Some of the water will evaporate as you go, so make sure & refill with water to keep the can from becoming exposed. If the can gets too dry, it will explode! (this is just what the internet said, I don't know this from personal experience. But I'm okay with not finding out!)

After three hours, remove the can (careful! HOT!), & leave it out to cool off. Once it's cool, transfer it to a different container, as keeping food in a can is a no-no in case you hadn't heard.

My crafty friend & co-worker Sally gave me this recipe after I complained about never being able to successfully make caramel without burning it. She said it was easy, but I didn't think caramel could be this easy! Sally's always got a savvy way to fix problems or spruce things up. 

I've been looking for a cheap way to replicate an iced caramel macchiato, & I think I've almost hit on a winning combo. This caramel sauce recipe is a little to thick for coffee unless you want to stir it for two minutes, but after I've found a way to liquefy the sauce it's going to be AWESOME. Take that, Starbucks (just kidding, you know I can never give you up).


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  1. This is such a good idea!! Thank you for testing it out for us :)

    1. It was definitely one of those recipes that seemed too easy to be true, but it totally worked!


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