May 9, 2014

glass coasters

Good morning, lovelies! 

I feel weird even labeling this as a tutorial, because it was too easy. I also can't believe I didn't think of this before, but it just hit me while I was riding in the car the other day. Tiles are made of glass & look like coasters, why not use tiles as coasters? Duh. To which my girlfriend replied, "Oh yeahhhh… That makes sense!"

All it took was a quick stop at the home improvement store, some hot glue & some felt!

I saw these glass tiles at the home improvement store a few weeks ago & had been secretly dreaming of what they would look like in my future bathroom. But since I'm years away from owning my own house, I thought why not bring them in as coasters in the mean time. 

All you'll need are:

  • Glass tiles (I bought four from the home improvement store)
  • Hot glue
  • Felt (one piece of felt from the craft store will do)
  • Scissors

 Cut the felt into tiny squares, then glue four squares to bottom of each tile to prevent scratching. Done! Or rather, duh. 

Plus they make great gifts, so helloooo Mother's Day present!


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  1. The glass tiles make simple yet beautiful coasters :) Pretty project!

    1. I dream of the day these lovely tiles will fill a room. Thanks!