May 26, 2014

out & about // pardon the dust

Please excuse the mess that is currently my blog - I'm having second thoughts about my entire visual scheme, & lots of decisions have yet to be made. 

After a short hiatus, I think I'm almost back to my old crafting self. The flu can be nasty, & this time it really took me out of the game (aren't summer flus the worst?).

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Watching // OMG We Bought a House! Lately I've been dreaming of my future house, so this little web series was right up fantasy-alley. Some of the styles Mr. Kate uses are a bit cluttered for my taste, but it definitely got the creativity moving around in my brain. Besides, if I can't be DIYing while I'm sick, what's better than watching other people get crafty?

Listening // Ever since Sam Smith's appearance on SNL, I have not been able to stop listening. Side thought: when you discover how young a performer/singer/actor is, does it make you feel happy for their success, or does it make you wonder what you're doing with your life? I feel a little bit of both. Mostly brief despair at my life choices.

Doing // Recovering. & blowing my nose a lot.

Feeling // Being taken down by the flu this week made me miss the times I was sick as a child. I know it sounds weird to say that: "You know that time I was sick? Man, that was the best." What I really mean is I miss shirking all responsibility, completely surrendering myself to my mom who possessed an almost ESP-like ability to predict my sickly demands. They consisted mostly of a blanket on the couch, Sprite, crackers, & all the television I could ever want. It's astounding how little is required to make a child feel peaceful. But I'm older now, & my world doesn't stop when I get sick. & the couch does not feel as comfortable as it once did. But at least I have someone to bring me a Sprite.

Loving // Mint green. I think I've found my new favorite color.

Hopefully I will be feeling 100% better soon so I can whip up some more DIY tutorials for you all.

Happy crafting!


Related // I love mint green so much I painted my bike that color.


  1. I know I'm a little late, but I love the facelift to the blog! I loved what you had before, but I am honestly *in* love with the cute cartoon-y header! Also you probably don't watch it, but Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse agrees with you about a summer flu being the worst! Glad you're feeling better, again a little late! :)

  2. Thanks RaChil, you're sweet!

    Also I totally watch Metalocalypse, but I don't remember that exact quote. It's totally true though!

    Thanks for stopping by, as always. :)