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June 10, 2014

10 things you probably forgot to clean

I just finished cleaning my whole house. Well, almost. The more I cleaned, the more I came across things that needed cleaning. Vacuuming lead to scrubbing behind the toilet, which lead to wiping down the baseboards, which lead to washing the walls. The cleaning-domino-effect inspired me to put together a list of things that need the occasional TLC. 

1. Blinds // Maybe you're ahead of the ball on this one, but blinds never make it to my to-do list. You can clean your window treatments with the dusting brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Even if you don't have blinds, your curtains need to be cleaned every other month or so, & can be vacuumed the same way. 

2. Ceiling fan blades // If you're like me, this is the one spot in your house you forget to clean until it's the last day of your lease & you're running around trying to make sure you get every cent of that security deposit back. Fan blades can be wiped clean with the aid of a step-stool, or by using a duster with an extended handle. If your blades are particularly dusty, vacuum them first with a long vacuum attachment before wiping. 

3. Ceiling // While we're looking up, check out your ceiling, particularly in the corners. If you see cobwebs or dust, it's time to clean. Ceilings can be cleaned with a dusting brush attachment on your vacuum. 

4. Remote // Everyday objects often get overlooked on cleaning day. Keep your remote gunk-free by brushing it with a slightly damp toothbrush, making sure to clean around the buttons. Use this same method for phones with buttons.

5. Walls // Similar to the ceiling, walls often get overlooked. When you spill something on the floor, you wipe it up - but spills can splatter, hitting the walls. If you have pets, oil & dirt from the coats end up on the walls when they bump into them. Dust also collects here, so you may have to clean with a combination of a vacuum & all-purpose cleaner.

6. Floors // Sure you mop, vacuum, & sweep your floors regularly, but when is the last time you really cleaned them? Sometimes mopping isn't enough to get tougher spots out in the bathroom & kitchen. Ala Cinderella before she met her Prince Charming, getting down on your hands & knees & spot-cleaning the floors can really make a difference. Make sure to scrub along the walls & in the corners. While you're down there…

7. Baseboards // Baseboards should be vacuumed every time you vacuum the floor, using a long attachment. Spot cleaning can really make them shine. Use a wood cleaner or all-purpose cleaner. 

8. Behind the toilet // If boys live in your house, you know how important is is to clean behind the toilet. Clean this area with bathroom cleaner or a bleach-based cleaner every time you clean your toilet to prevent odors & mold from thriving here.
9. Computer keyboard & screen // Your fingers are on your keypad everyday, trapping all the dirt, germs, & oils from your hands. Using a can of compressed air will help to clean out the dust from under the keys, & a gentle wipe with a microfiber cloth can keep the keys shining. Don't forget to clean your computer screen as well. When dust starts to collect, a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth will make your screen clearer & brighter.

10. Air filter // You keep your house clean, & you should also keep your air clean! It's recommended that you change out your air filter every three months. Don't forget!

What are some other things that you forget to clean around your house? 


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