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June 5, 2014

bike pouch

When I was in high school, I biked every day. Not for pleasure, but out of adolescent necessity. When you're a teenager, the last place you want to be is stuck in the house with your annoying siblings & your boring parents (oh how things change). Since I didn't have a car, I took to the streets on two wheels. 

Now I bike for pleasure, but more & more I feel the need to incorporate biking into my everyday transportation needs. Plus the town I live in has recently adopted bike-friendly changes to its roadways. We actually have sensible bike lanes now (I live in the south so this is kind of a big deal)! 

I made this bike pouch for those quick runs to the drug store or meet ups at the coffee shop. It's the perfect size for my belongings that were before dangerously contained in my pockets (why don't they make iPhone-sized pockets for lady's pants?).

This tutorial is not for the novice sewer, but it's no where near expert level. It's basically the same concept as my No-Sew Clutch Tutorial, only this time with sewing & straps. If you need help with the pattern, I've included links under the supply list.

Continue with the tutorial after the break!

For this project, you will need:

  • Lining fabric (cotton, polyester, etc. - I used cotton print. You'll need at least 15" of 32" width) 
  • Outer fabric (vinyl, pleather, leather, etc. - I used pleather. You'll need at least 14" of 32" width)
  • 2 buckles
  • 2 magnetic clasps 
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Heavy duty thread
  • Measuring tape (not pictured)
  • Sewing machine & basic sewing knowledge

To get an idea of how to cut your pieces, click here & here.

Step 1 // Cut your outer fabric into the following pieces: 
Front (1) 9 in. by 6 in. 
Back/Flap (1) 9 in. by 18 in. 
Middle (1) 21 in. by 3.5 in. 

Strap (2) 11 in. by 1.5 in. 
(the 1.5 inch width measurement is dependent on the size of your buckle - this should be twice the width of your buckle)

[Note: Cut your outer fabric as straight & tidy as possible; we will not be finishing the edges.] 

Step 2 // Cut your lining fabric into the following pieces:
Front (1) 10 in. by 7 in.
Back (1) 10 in. by 13 in.
Middle (1) 22 in. by 4.5 in.

Step 3 // Cut incisions for your magnetic clasps into the Front Outer piece. We're installing the metal part of the clasp, which comes in two pieces. Measure three inches up your Front Outer piece, & two inches over. Cut two small incisions, & feed the metal part of the clasp through the front of your fabric. 

Step 4 // Turn your fabric over, & feed the metal disk of the clasp onto the back of the metal part of the clasp. Using your pliers, bend the tabs of the metal piece down. Do this for both clasps. 

Step 5 // Cut incisions for your magnetic clasps into the Back/Flap Outer piece. We're installing the magnetic part of the clasp, which comes in two pieces. Measure four & a half inches up your Back/Flap Outer piece, & two inches over. Cut two small incisions, & feed the magnetic part of the clasp through the front of your fabric. Feed the metal disk through the back as done in step 4. 

Step 6 // Now it's time to take your pieces to the sewing machine. When sewing vinyl, you'll need to use this trick that I referred to in my No-Sew Clutch tutorial. 

Sew the Front Outer & Front Lining pieces together, & the Middle Outer & Middle Lining together. 

The lining pieces are wider than the outer fabric on each side. Place the outer fabric right side down & the lining right side up. Fold the lining under itself 1/2 inch on each side, & sew the two pieces together, using a straight stitch along all sides. 

Step 7 // Take your Back/Flap Outer piece & lay it right-side down, magnetic claps at the top. Fold down six inches. Then sew along the sides, as seen above. 

Step 8 // Sew your Back Lining piece to the bottom six inches of the Back/Flap Outer piece, using the 1/2 inch folding technique in step 6. 

Step 9 // Now we'll move on to the Strap pieces. On one end of a Strap piece, cut a 1/2 inch incision down the middle of your piece. Then cut another 1/2 inch incision down the middle of one of the halves. Repeat on second Strap piece, mirroring the first piece. 

Step 10 // Fold the two strips that you cut in step 9 over the buckle, feeding the prong in between the strips. With the strips wrapped around the frame of the buckle, use a basting stitch to sew in place. Repeat with second Strap

Step 11 // Fold the uncut half of the end of the Strap downwards, then fold the entire Strap in half length-wise. Sew along each side of the strap, sewing it in place. The Strap should now be half the size it was when you started. Repeat with second Strap

Step 12 // Cut a few small incisions along the end of your Strap (the side without the buckle). I marked mine first with a pencil so I knew where to cut. Repeat with second Strap

Step 13 // Now to sew your straps in place. Lay your Back/Flap piece lining-side down, magnetic clasp side at the top. Lay your Straps down, each about two inches from the side, with the buckles on the bottom. Sew along each strap in a rectangular fashion, attaching around three inches of strap to the pouch. The rest of the straps will remain free. 

[Editor's note: In the above picture, I did it wrong. Hopefully the illustration will clear this up - the straps need to be sewn more towards the top of the pouch so it will sit upright on your bike.]

Step 14 // Flip your Back/Flap piece over. With the lining side facing up, line your Middle piece along the sides & bottom edges of the Back/Flap piece. Sew these two pieces together along the edges. The seam line should be on the lining side.

Step 15 // Lay your Front piece lining side up on top of your pouch. Match the Middle piece up with the sides & bottom edges of the Front piece. Sew these pieces together. The seam line should be on the lining side. Turn your pouch right side out. 

VoilĂ ! I made the button with some of my leftover lining fabric. It's decoupaged onto an old pin I had lying around.

My bike looks so stylish now. What are other ways to pretty up your two-wheeled transport?


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  1. Love this!! This is so so much more stylish than having the basket in front of the bike. Love your little pin too :)


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