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June 24, 2014

out & about // sunrise

Good Morning!

Have you had an opportunity to watch the sunrise recently? 

A friend of mine from college has taken it upon himself to watch the sunrise as often as he can, & invites others to join him. Chase started watching the sunrise in 2011, & made it a personal goal to watch it rise every morning for an entire year. I've had the fortunate opportunity to watch it with him a few times, this morning being one of them.

Sunrise on the lake in Tallahassee, FL

Watching the sunrise is an unexpectedly calming way to start the day. Most mornings I'm either rushing to get ready for work or sleeping in too late. Waking up at o'dark-thirty doesn't exactly appeal to my sleep schedule, but after settling in to watch the clouds change from blue to pink, I felt that calm. Chase may be onto something with this sunrise thing - he rarely seems stressed, & has a peace about him that permeates everyone around. For him, the sunrise represents a greater transition from one thing to the next. He tells me that this transition of dark to light is everywhere, from relationships to new births. I'm amazed by the way he perceives the world & the art he is able to create based on his perceptions. His work & ideas are explored further on his site, Sunrise Goal

It's a beautiful morning.

The best part about watching the sun rise is that you can't be in a rush. The sun's not going to hurry up for you, so all you can do is sit, wait, & watch. It's nice to be able to catch up with a friend - sipping on a coffee & chatting - underneath such a colorful & impressive display. 

Watching the sun slowly rise

Even if it means waking up super early, it's worth it to witness this everyday phenomenon. & the best part? If you sleep in too late & miss it, there's always tomorrow. 

Sunrise at the lake


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