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June 20, 2014

links i love // bikes, etc.

It's hot as heck in Florida. The humidity, mosquitos, & flash thunderstorms are making it difficult to go out & do things. The key is waking up early enough to be productive before the temperatures rise to unbearable heights. These are a few of the things inspiring me in the morning. 

// Top Links of the Week // 

  • How To Make A Terrarium // I've made plenty a false terrarium in my day (you can see my efforts on my portfolio site), but have yet to venture into the world of the living. This is just too cute though. The teeny deer makes it.
  • (Grow Your Own Crystal) Necklace // RaChil over at The Cwafty Blog posted this totally fascinating, totally gorgeous tutorial that I just love. It's beautiful, fun, & totally worth looking at.
  • PVC and Milk Basket Bike Basket // This DIY is a must-do at my house. M'lady & I have been getting into biking lately, so we've been looking for ways to supe-up our bikes (do people say "supe" anymore?). Stay tuned in to the blog to see this DIY in action in the future.
  • Skip the Bedframe // This is a duh. & also a possible window into my future. I never liked the look of our metal bed frame, but enjoyed having the bed off the ground. This may be the solution that sticks.
  • Venn-Diagram Love // This lovely embroidery comes from Cate at Bee's Knees Industries. I just love this design idea - definitely something I need on my bedroom gallery wall.
  • Cats on a Bike // Enough said.
  • Mint Green Bike // Have any of you ever thought about painting your bike? It's a daunting DIY, but it's something I've always wanted to try. This little bike magnet in mint green has me inspired by it's colors.


Update // I painted by bike!

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