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July 14, 2014

leather cuff

A little bit about me: I like accessories. When I feel my wardrobe is getting old & tired, changing up my accessories seems to breathe new life into my look. Of course it's all the better if I can make my bling & pop myself - DIY style. 

Today I'm happy to bring you this post with the help of endlessleather. They were so kind as to send me some cords to make this lovely leather cuff. I couldn't decide which one of these pretty colors I liked more - the turquoise or the pastel rose - so I used both. 

To make one of your own, you'll need:

  • 3/8ths width leather cord (21" of one color, 14" of a second color) 
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Masking tape
  • An awl or other pointed tool
  • Embroidery needle & thread
  • 2" width elastic (approximately 2")
  • Paintbrush (not pictured; optional)

Step 1 // Cut your leather into 7" cords; three in one color, two in a second color. 

Step 2 // Line your cords up, alternating their colors. Tape your cords in place at the top & bottom. 

Step 3 // Using the awl, puncture each cord in two places at the top, approximately 1/4 inch apart. Do this for the other end as well. 

Step 4 // With your needle & thread, sew the cords together. Feed the needle through the bottom holes for this step. Repeat for opposite end. 

Step 5 // Sew your elastic in place. Make sure that your lay down your elastic so it stretches side-to-side, not up-&-down. You'll need approximately 2" of elastic, depending on the width of your wrist. Sew into the top holes for this step. 

Step 6 // Bring the opposite end of your cords to the elastic, & sew it in place. Sew into the top holes as before. 

Almost done!

Step 7 // Apply tacky glue to the ends of your elastic to prevent fraying (I used a paintbrush to be precise). Let dry.

Do you have a favorite way to change up your wardrobe?


// This post is sponsored by All thoughts, opinions, & creations are my own. // 

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