July 29, 2014

out & about // downtown photo shoot

Alright everyone, after a week-long hiatus, I'm back to blogging (I know, I know - what ever did you do without me?). Because I've been gone for so long, here's a treat for you: Heather & I went downtown yesterday dressed in our finest with the intentions of getting some good photos together. The other day we were trying to find a photograph of the two of us together & realized it had been too long since we did a photo shoot. As a result, here are a few snapshots of our adventure: 

Side note: Do not try to take photos outdoors when there is a heat index of 108 coupled with 89% humidity. Otherwise you'll be photoshopping out sweat droplets until the cows come home.

I had to tell a really dirty joke to get this photo. I'm too lady-like to repeat it here. 

Don't we look dapper?


m.e. // shirt: j-crew; jeans: target; flats: target; hat: kohl's; earrings: forever 21; belt: gap.
heather // shirt: express; pants: express; shoes: stacy adams; suspenders: hot topic; watch: kenneth cole; bow tie: handmade

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