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July 2, 2014

out & about // TGIFIFA

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Watching // Soccer. Like, a lot of soccer. A totally unhealthy amount of soccer. I can't help it - most of the time I couldn't give a damn about sports, but for some reason I get really invested during the World Cup. It's exciting to watch the whole world play a game together. Although now that USA is out of the running I'm going to have to pick a new team to root for. Go… Netherlands? 

Listening // One of my favorite artists, Stromae, has recently gained some traffic here in the States. I'm not surprised -  he's simply amazing. Seeing him crop up again has triggered some more binge-listening on my part. Tous le M√™mes is the song that got me hooked in the first place. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's his beautiful hair. 

Doing // Making & gathering small pieces for a gallery wall in the bedroom. Housework. Yard work. Nothing seems to stay clean, but I think it's the 50% humidity that's making me feel dirty all the time. Summer has it's perks, but it's just so hot!

Feeling // I've been trying to look at myself differently, attempting to see myself the way other people perceive me. The result has been a mixture of good & bad feelings. I'd like to say that I always put my most honest & positive self first, but sometimes I get too wrapped up in my own needs & wants. It's good to come back down to earth. I'm lucky to know some honest people who will still put up with me even at my worst. 

Loving // The mornings. It's the only tolerable part of days now that Florida temperatures are in the high 90s.


Related // Donut the Kitty makes an appearance in the Map Clock Tutorial. She is quite the crafty helper.

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