August 5, 2014

diy painted vinyl

DIY Painted Vinyl Tutorial
I know what you're thinking. You can't paint vinyl. I mean sure, you can PAINT it, but it won't look right. At the very least it will be scratchy & crack when you sit on it. Pshh.

Quit doubting. Today I show you a miracle. 
DIY Painted Vinyl: The dramatic before & after!
As I've mentioned before, my mother is redoing her entire apartment. She's confessed to me that everything that could be painted, she has painted. Kind of like a binge-painting spree. That is, with the exception of this orange chair. Orange was not part of the color scheme. So she tasked me with this furniture makeover. 

The secret to this miracle lies at your local auto parts store. I used Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint in white. It's used for painting the interior of vehicles. Depending on the size of your furniture, you'll need a few cans. I ended up using three cans of spray paint for this project.
DIY Painted Vinyl: Transform a vinyl piece of furniture with paint (yes it's possible!)
Before you begin, section off the areas you don't want painted. I covered the legs of the chair in plastic bags & painter's tape.
Use vinyl spray paint to transform a chair!
It took six (!) coats to turn this chair from orange to white. Fortunately the paint dries very quickly, so I was able to apply all six coats in a few hours time. Go slow, & apply thin coats.
Three coats!
Here's what it looked like after three coats. You've got the OK to move onto another coat once the paint is tacky.
How to paint a vinyl chair - yes, it's totally doable!
That's it! That's literally it, just paint & done. I will confess, the texture of the fabric is different than when I started. It's rougher than the original vinyl, but it does not crack when pressed or sat upon. All-in-all I call this a successful project. Now I just have to surrender this beauty back to my mom.


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    1. Great question! I've posted an update on this project here:

  2. Excelente idea, la usare en una butaca que tengo azul, espero me quede igual que esta silla, mil gracias por esta idea.