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August 8, 2014

links i love // book lover's day

We're heading out to Atlanta this weekend! I'm so pumped; rarely do I get the entire weekend off, & even rarer do we get to go out of town. I forgot about our mini-trip when I decided to go phone-free for the week, so this week will only be five days long! You know I'll be blowing up your Instagram feed this weekend with pictures from our trip. But I'll try to keep my phone-usage to a minimum.

Tomorrow, August 9th, is Book Lover's Day. How will you be celebrating? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

// Top Links of the Week // 

  • No-Sew Mini Instagram Book // This lovely tutorial comes from Kim over at, & she is a lady after my own heart. This mini-book is one of several tiny treasures that can be found on her site.
  • The Most Read Books in the World // An interesting infographic illustrating the most read books. How many have you read?
  • How to Make a Super Secret Book Safe // Along with a secret room in my house, I've also always wanted a secret book safe. This illustrated tutorial makes it simple.
  • What Should I Read Next? // This is my new favorite website. All it asks of you is the name of the book you just read, or your favorite author, & then it tells you what book to read next! This is super helpful for me, because I know what I like, but never what's relevant to what I like. 
  • 13 of Your Favorite Books if Their Titles Were Honest // This list made me chuckle as I reminisced about the mountains of assigned reading I had in high school English class. 
  • Girl Boss (Discussion) // I have a hard time deciding what to read, but if someone recommends a book to me, I'm on board. The lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess just finished #GIRLBOSS, & after all the raving in the comments, this one's going on my to-read list.
  • 24 Insanely Clever Gifts for Book Lovers // Crave that new book smell? NOW YOU CAN SPRAY IT ALL OVER YOUR BODY (two, please).

See you on Monday!


Related // Looking for something lovely to read? Check out Rod McKuen's poetry. 

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