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August 1, 2014

links i love // cat edition

Donut the Kitty

Last time we talked links, we covered dogs. So what's on the predictable agenda this time around? CATS. 

I am a cat person. There's no denying it. I am constantly resisting the urge to upload every & all pictures I take of my cat. Looking through my phone you'd think I just sit around all day snapping pics of the cat (which is partially true). But I restrain myself from posting them.You're welcome, Instagram followers. 

There's something about cats. All it takes is a few moments on the internet to figure that one out. Here are some of my favorite feline-related links of the week. 

// Top Links of the Week // 

  • DIY Cat Tree // Confessions: My cat has a cat tree. I made it. There's no tutorial for it, & no pictures of it online, & there never will be. The reason is because it's super fugly. It's off-kilter, it's painted white for some misplaced reason, & it's an eyesore. Yes, it serves it's purpose, but after looking at this awesome ladder-shaped cat tree, I want to burn mine down & pretend it never happened. 
  • 27 Useful DIY Solutions for Hiding the Litter Box // Every time Donut & I move & we set up camp in a new place, I contemplate the ugliness of the litter box. I've tried hiding it behind a curtain, putting it in a closet (leaving the door perpetually open), & obscuring it behind larger objects. Reading through this list had me saying, "Why didn't I think of that??" out loud a lot.
  • Cat Butt Coasters Set // I can't even begin to tell you how much of a fan I am of these. 
  • Recycled Kitty Planters // If you just look at one of these links, please look at this tutorial. It's precious. While the site is in spanish, the adorable hand-drawn diagrams make it easily readable. Plus the kitty faces are printables!
  • Fur-st Mate Cat Collar // What cat wouldn't want to look dapper in a bow tie? Okay, every cat who ever catted, but still. It would be totally worth the frustration & resentment on the kitty's part if it meant one adorable photo in this classiness. 
  • omg cats in space!!! // While we're on the topic of cats, let's talk about the fad of placing felines in the outer hemisphere. Why are cats in space so popular? There are whole websites dedicated to this trend. & why do they always have pizza?

If you love cats, or know why we enjoy projecting their images into orbit so much, tell me about it in the comments.


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  1. gorgeous!!! we have two cats (brother and sister) and my iphone pics are the same, so don't feel bad. they are my furbabies!

    1. The term "furbabies" cracked me up! I'll have to remember that one!


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