August 11, 2014

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I'm back home & back to business. How was your weekend?

Watching // Re-watching Portlandia & reliving my childhood crush on Jeff Goldblum. 

Listening // This weekend Heather & I took a trip to see Doria Roberts perform at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta for her annual birthday show. She was amazing. Heather had a mild heart attack (Heather's dog isn't named "Doria" out of coincidence). It was an awesome experience; Doria Roberts is an empowering woman with an explosive voice. Heather & I have both been listening to her albums for a long time, so seeing her live was an experience I'm lucky to have gotten. Plus Doria made cupcakes for everyone who attended - as if I couldn't love her enough already!

Doing // I'm back to using my phone, but not as much as before. Taking a break from surfing the web non-stop has given me a better perspective of how I spend my time. The first day I cut the cord was difficult - I found myself wondering what I could have possibly done before there was internet. But books were read, crosswords were completed, & things just seemed to naturally transition back into a slower pace. Taking that break made me realize how much I'm missing out on the little things.

Feeling // Enriched & exhausted. Traveling tends to feel like a restart, but then I'm always too unenergized to do anything with that sense of newness. 

Loving // This picture of our hotel's resident kitty. We may have snuck him into our room. 


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