August 4, 2014

phone-free week

Last year, I got my first smartphone. It was a magical time. With each swipe, my smartphone & I grew to know each other better. Like a moth to a flame, I was instantly attracted to it. I would ask Siri to tell me jokes, be amazed by the graphics in the Weather app, & download insanely unnecessary programs like the Zippo app. I never had to worry about being bored ever again. Our relationship grew pretty serious (think Carrie's reaction to the phone drop in Portlandia). Then things turned dark. We began spending almost all of our time together; we couldn't be apart! My phone was suffocating me, we just needed some time apart to think things through. So I decided it's time for a break. 

I spend a lot of time on my phone. Maybe not as much as others, but I can definitely see a difference in the way I spend my time this year versus last year. I'm ditching my phone (mostly) this week to see what comes of it. I'll still use it to make calls & set my alarm (necessary stuff), & will also be getting on Instagram to post when I put up a new project. Everything else is be off-limits. Which will hopefully open up more time to read, write, & enrich myself. 

No more looking at silly pictures, no more reading stories about people who do stupid things, no social media, no more gushing over the Kitten Rescue Cam (it's embarrassing how frequently I go to this site) - not for a whole week. 

I'll let you know how it goes next Monday.


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