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September 29, 2014

books for teens (but also for me)

During my free time I decided to read more. I thought by this time in my life - my mature mid-twenties where I would surely have blossomed into a sophisticated young woman - I would be reading things of substance. Essays, complicated poetry, philosophical musings... I tried to read like a grown-up, I really did. But those more complicated, less fictional books still sit, uncreased & unopened, on my bookshelf. & maybe it's just my love of the coming of age premise, but I really only ever read teen fiction. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite books - books which are probably targeted to a much younger demographic but that I, for one, really enjoy.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
I'll start off with my favorite book of all time. I love this book so much that I refuse to see the movie because I know it will just lead to disappointment. I won't say much about this book (let's face it - if you haven't read it yet, we can't be friends) other than that it follows the classic coming of age theme & will leave you feeling infinite. 

Hairstyles of the Damned - Joe Meno
This book recently came back into my life again after being ripped from my poor, youthful hands in high school (short story - I bought this book when I was a teen, then lent it to someone before I had a chance to read it. I have not seen the book since. Moral of the story: never lend your books to anyone. They are too precious). This book is all about punk music, punk life, & everything rebellious, nineties-style. You'll want to throw on a Misfits record during this read.

Pieces: A Collection of New Voices - Stephen Chbosky
My love of Chbosky was met with immediate dismay when I realized he only wrote one book. Fortunately for me, he arranged this collection of short stories, & all ring similarly to Chbosky's voice. While each story is dramatically different, they each carry the theme of change for the characters involved, whether that be and evolving change or a devolution.

This book isn't targeted towards the youths (so I can read it out in public, thank god), but still carries the notion of personal change that I find so attractive in a good story. July writes from a variety of viewpoints, & her writer's voice changes from story to story. I highly recommend this work & all other works by Miranda July (do you know she wrote & starred in a movie?).

Crooked - Louisa Luna
Did you know MTV published books? Do they still do that? Anyway, they published this one. I've read it time & again & it's always good. The story follows a woman who has recently been released from prison & is trying to adjust to her newfound freedom (spoiler: it doesn't end well).

You Know Who You Are - Ben Dolnick
This is the ultimate coming of age story, following the life of a boy from childhood, to adolescence, & then into adulthood. The book is sensitive & stark, touching on all of the woes of youth while our protagonist deals with the loss of a parent.

Any book recommendations for me now that you know my secret love-affair for teen fiction?


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