September 12, 2014

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Are you guys ready for the weekend? Each passing day is pulling us closer into autumn, & I'm starting to feel it. Football is back, the college students are starting to drive like normal people, & Christmas decorations are going up for sale (slow down there, retail world). 

Today we're taking a look at some artists that I have long admired & enjoyed. I've been giving a lot of thought to art lately. It's been a long while since I've made anything that could be considered "art," & I'm contemplating taking a break from work to totally immerse myself in art-making. I miss it. In the mean time, here are some of my inspirations:

  • Thomas Doyle // We'll start with my favorite artist of all time. Doyle's work recalls dollhouse making & model trains. He create tense narratives inside small spaces, & his work is breathtakingly meticulous. Do I even need to mention how much I love tiny things?
  • Liliana Porter // Do you see a theme in my favorite artist's work? Porter is another artist that frequently works small-scale, although her work is more focused on using to-scale objects in conjunction with miniatures. She is also a master at controlling negative space.
  • Lori Nix // While she calls herself a photographer, the real magic behind Nix's work lies in the intricate scenes she creates. This piece from a collection called The City takes a normal scene & pairs it with the decomposition & destruction of nature.
  • Slinkachu : The Little People Project // In this project, artist Slinkachu takes his art to the streets in a completely unexpected way. His artistic interruptions are small but poignant as he stages miniature people & props in different places around the world.
  • Patrick Jacobs // The term "diorama" is almost too elementary for Jacobs' work, which exist primarily behind curved glass. In passing his work appears as a photograph or a window to the outdoors, but upon closer inspection the detail of his work is revealed. He creates expansive scenes that are housed in a wall, & he sets every miniature blade of grass & flower petal with care.
  • PES // For an extraordinary visual experience, check out PES' films. He's been nominated for an Academy Award! As a stop-motion enthusiast & novice, he's basically my muse.
  • Annie Leibovitz // & finally, one of Heather's favorite artists & heroines, photographer Annie Leibovitz. A quote directly from Heather: "She's amazing."

Have a good weekend, gang.


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