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September 26, 2014

links i love // photography edition

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Happy Friday, it's Heather! This is my first post, and it's going to be visually boring (which is ironic because I'm the photographer). I wanted to share some of my favorite photographers with you all, but do not want to infringe on their copyright, so this is going to be a word-heavy post! I encourage you to click through the links because their work is awe-inspiring. Let's get started!

  • DINA AVILA // Avila is a Portland-based photographer who focuses on food, interiors, and portraits. A while ago I gathered up the courage to e-mail her with questions about her photography, and she was generous enough to take the time to answer my questions and give me lots of tips. Avila utilizes natural light in absolutely beautiful ways. Her food photography makes me hungry, and her interior shots are warm and inviting. 
  • KEITH LADZINSKI // I came across one of Ladzinski's photos on Instagram and knew I needed to check out more of his work. His photographs are stunning, and they take the viewer to places they didn't even know existed. Ladzinski, like the all of the photographers on this list, uses light in the most glorious ways (which is why I find them so inspiring).
  • SUSAN SEUBERT // Seubert is a photographer who does it all (fine art, editorial, advertising, etc.). She's an award-winning photographer who works with National Geographic. I really enjoy reading her blog. It's more of an informal, behind-the-scenes look at some of her work. 
  • ANDY MANN // Mann is another Instagram find. Like Ladzinski, his work takes you all over the world, including into the ocean. Mann uses his climbing, scuba diving, and other outdoor skills to his advantage in his photography as he is able to provide the viewer with unique perspectives.
  • BERENICE ABBOTT // I learned of Abbott in the first photography class I took in college. She was an impressive woman who accomplished a lot during her career. Abbott is most well-known for her 1930's New York City architecture photography, but little know of her queer portraiture work from the 1920-60s. Equally as innovative was her scientific work with MIT. She is an inspiration to women and photographers alike.

Peace out! 
- Heather

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