September 4, 2014

out & about // food truck thursday

In past posts I've mentioned how my town is getting more hip-with-the-now (wow, there's an outdated phrase). In addition to better bike lanes, we now have food trucks! It all started downtown, with the trucks congregating outside the government offices, filling the bellies of state workers wanting a quick meal. Now the food trucks tour all around town to different events & gatherings. Every Thursday they group up in a park by the lake. Everyone arrives with picnic blankets, babies, dogs on leashes, & coolers full of beer. It's always a busy event, complete with live music.

Heather & I went out this past Thursday with her sister, brother-in-law, & her tiny nephew. I can't put my finger on what gives food trucks their quirky draw. Upon reflection, it's basically an outdoor food court. But there's something special about getting a vegetarian sandwich out the back of a big, yellow truck & eating cross-legged in the grass. Dare I forget to mention, there's also a cupcake trailer. Precious, right?

The gathering of food trucks also brings customers to other local businesses in the area - most importantly the sno-ball shop (my favorite summertime treat). The mishmash of food, people, & being outdoors awakens a sense of community every Thursday. 

Do you frequent the food trucks in your town? Why do you think they've gained their recent popularity & large fan base? 


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