September 10, 2014

out & about // routines

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Watching // There's a weird paradox in my world where literally every single show my girlfriend likes to watch is also a show that my mother has watched/will watch. I think it's handy for both of them. If one needs something to watch, they can just ask the other what they just finished watching. It's cute. That being said, there's a marathon of Criminal Minds happening at my house, & statistically speaking, at my mom's house too.

Listening // To this song by Elton John. Also it took me three goes to realize that it was not in fact Elton John in the music video, but a very gap-toothed Justin Timberlake.

Doing // While it sometimes feels like work is taking over my life, there are some positive things happening in my day-to-day. I'm doing a little bit of cross-stitching in preparation for Christmas gifts. I'm trying to read more. I've been waking up earlier. I'm playing my guitar more. Things are mostly routine, but I also feel like everything is moving forward.

Feeling // Restless.

Loving // The surge of cooler breezes & occasional need for a sweater. What is it about autumn that makes us so nostalgic?


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