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October 9, 2014

halloween iphone wallpaper

I've always loved Halloween. When I was a kid it was all about candy & costumes (when I was little, I think I dressed up as every Disney princess ever). Now it's about parties, decorations, & spooky cocktails. While it's still the beginning of October, I'm getting ready. I still feel like it's too early to decorate my porch, so I'm keeping my decorations limited to my phone. I've whipped up a few iPhone wallpapers to haunt your lock screens. 

To use these wallpapers, get on your phone & click the link below to open the photo. Then press down on the image until you're prompted to save it. Save & set as wallpaper! 

Are you guys getting ready for the start of holiday season? I always feel like Halloween is the gunshot at the beginning of a race. Ready, set, go - with decorations, food, events, gifts, etc. Is it something you look forward to, or something you dread? This is my first time blogging through the holidays, & it's really changed my perspective on things. I'm looking forward to some hard-core celebrations this year.


Related // Taking a break from your phone can be a good thing, even though it now has an adorable new wallpaper. 


  1. Hey, this is so cute! I have featured your artwork at my blog,


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