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October 6, 2014

skull votives

Let me tell you what, folks, I love me some Halloween. The other holidays are great & all, but how often do you get to decorate with skulls, spiders, & cobwebs? I still haven't decided what my costume is going to be though. Last year Heather & I went as Candice & Toni from Portlandia. The year before we were Carmen SanDiego & Where's Waldo. So we've got a high bar to meet. Any ideas?

To get into a spooky mood, I made some skull votives to house flameless candles. I'm the type of person who normally steers clear of glitter & rhinestones, but hey - Halloween only comes once a year. I found these awesome papier-mâché skulls at the craft store, but there were also a bunch of other awesome forms. Today we're going to try a different tutorial format. I thought I'd give video blogging a try! This is a test run so let me know if you guys like the format. Onwards to the tutorial (& a few bad jokes)!

I always appreciate reader feedback, so let me know how you feel about tutorials in video format. It's not something I plan on doing all the time, but if it catches on there may be more in the future. Yea or nay?


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