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November 7, 2014

links i love // diy gift ideas

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Have you had a nice week? I don't want to be braggy, but I HAVE. I've been on a stay-cation this whole week, which basically means I've caught up on everything on my to-do list, made some art, & enjoyed some serious relaxation time. It's been nice. I needed to take some time off because my PTO bank was getting out of control. We don't really travel anymore since we're seriously trying to save money, so there's been no reason to take any time off. Since the holidays are coming up & I won't be able to take time off until January, I decided to go ahead & cash in on my vacation days. Hooray for lazy productive vacation days!

I'm sad to see Halloween come & go so quickly, but now is not the time to get down. This is a serious time. The time of the year where we pull out all the stops & furiously craft until December 24th. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I just like the challenge (& inevitable stress) of trying to make every gift by hand. If you're like me & enjoy losing sleep over a completely handmade holiday, here are some DIY gift ideas. 


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  1. I promise it's not just you!! I am listening to Christmas music already :) with headphones on though, I have some coworkers who love Thanksgiving and would probably be enraged... I'm doing 100% homemade gifts this year and started in August! Good news is I've made lots of progress and will be done soon I think!

    1. I'm not brave enough to listen to Christmas music yet, I usually try to stave off my listening until at least the week of Thanksgiving. 100% handmade is crazy/admirable!


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