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November 20, 2014

out & about // doing

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Watching // Because I've been keeping my hands busy with an array of craft projects, there's been a lot of "background watching" going on. Background watching is when you put on a TV show but really only watch it halfway. The key to a good background show is that it has to be either light on the plot or something that you've already seen before. As such I'm watching a mixture of House Hunters (which is like 11% plot) & The Office (for the 18th time).

Listening // Have you ever felt peace that also feels like sadness? Like a calm moment saturated with despondence? That's how I've been feeling about this song by Buffy Sainte-Marie. 

Doing // There's so much to be done in preparation for the holidays. I'm looking forward to every bit of it: the baking, the decorating, the crafting, the movie-watching, etc. This year I really tried to get all of my shopping done early so I could focus on the more enjoyable aspects of the holidays & not be stressed out & rushing around. I'm happy to report that I've successfully finished all my shopping as of yesterday! I've set for myself a personal best.

Feeling // During my time off work I forced myself to come to some realizations. Recently I had been feeling as though everything was happening too quickly around me & I wasn't making conscious decisions about my everyday life. I wasn't grabbing hold of what was happening to me, I was just letting things happen at me. So a few days into my time off I decided to determine what made me happy. Things like "staying busy" & "working with my hands" popped up on my list, but none of these things seemed definitive enough. Now that I'm back at work & I'm trying to implement my ideals of happy living into my regular life,  I realize that I can boil down my list into one word: doing. Doing is what makes me happy. Doing things with others, doing  projects, doing housework, doing what needs to be done... Doing (to me) means taking charge & actually doing it for myself rather than waiting for someone else to get it done. Doing means taking action, taking responsibility. Right now it's still a bunch of gobbledygook in my head, but as time goes on hopefully I'll be able to describe it more readably than I have just now. 

Loving // This quote from Taylor Swift. Don't judge me, but these are some wise words to live by. 

- m.e.

P.s. I updated the cross-stitch tutorial. It now comes complete with a pattern for making your very own "I Woke Up Like This" piece of artwork.

Related // With the holidays coming up, here's my take on stress. 

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