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November 19, 2014

pom-pom flowers

The pom-poms are back for an encore! After making a load of poms the other day I started brain-storming ways to use them. Heather said the yellow ones looked an awful lot like dandelions. Jackpot! With some twigs & wire I was able to make a sunny bouquet of "flowers" to add to our fireplace mantel. The keyword here is sunny. It's been so cold & gloomy down here in the sunshine state lately. 

To turn your pom-poms into flowers, you'll need some wire & some sticks. I gathered these twigs from my front yard, but any kind of stem will do. You could also use a longer piece of wire & extend that out for the stem. 

Follow the pom-pom tutorial, & when you get to step 5 (tying the string around the middle), wrap a piece of wire around the middle before you remove the cardboard circles. Remove the cardboard, then wrap the wire around the end of your twig. Trim your pom-pom down to give it a fuller, fuzzier look. 

I like the look of the yellow flower because it sort of looks like a real flower. I also think they'd look good in some oranges & browns for autumn. Also, did you notice the etched glass bottle I put them in? Totally a test run for this tutorial


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