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December 12, 2014

links i love // peppermint

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Can you believe this week is over already? Yesterday was Heather's birthday (the resident photographer extraordinaire), & the day was spent gleefully playing putt-putt golf, taking the dog to the park, & eating all of Heather's favorite foods. We also spent a fair amount of time stressing about our fleeting twenties. There's only a small amount of time left until we reach our "dirty-thirties." Even though getting older is scary, I prefer to optimistically rejoice the fact that at least we're all still alive, right? 

Getting older is how it's meant to be, but let's not let the mint be. That's my horrific transition onto our next topic: peppermint! I think it may be my all-time favorite flavor ever. I always associate it with Christmastime, on purpose too. So much that for the rest of the year I refrain from purchasing my favorite coffee beverage, the peppermint mocha. It's like some weird relishing ritual or something. Maybe it's the tingly mint taste paired with the chill in the air, or the over-zealous usage of candy canes, or maybe it's just the red & white stripes - either way peppermint & the holidays are a perfect duo. 


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