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December 3, 2014

snowflake fireplace screen

Only 21 more days until Christmas! Not that I'm countingTomorrow we're going to pick out a tree, but until then I wanted to go ahead & decorate our fireplace. Even though it never gets cold enough for us to burn a fire, I love having a fireplace in our home. It's such a nice focal point in our living room, & where else would we hang our stockings? 

Check out Monday’s post to make your own snowflakes, plus this quick tip on making them hang flat.

To hang them, I taped my snowflakes in a vertical line on invisible thread. I then tied a small bead to the bottom of each string to weigh them down. 

I’m excited to get our tree tomorrow. Having a Christmas tree in the house really solidifies the feeling of the holidays for me. When I was little, our next-door neighbor grew Christmas trees in her back yard. She would let us cut down one of her pines every year (as long as we didn’t touch her precious blue spruces). My dad, my brothers & I would trek through the snow across lawns & pick out a tree. We never went for the biggest or prettiest tree - for some weird reason us kids were always after the sadder looking ones. Probably some Charlie Brown Christmas influence going on there. After we’d compromised & found a good one, we would name it Christopher (we were weird kids), cut it down, & pull it back to our house on a sled. Those were definitely some of my favorite memories of Christmas as a kid. 

I just had to include this picture of the cat. She absolutely loves the snowflakes since there's a draft that keeps them constantly spinning. If anyone gets more excited about getting a Christmas tree than me, it's her. She treats it like her own personal jungle gym.

Oh, you guys, I finally joined the 21st century & got on Twitter! You can find us @wcmanything!


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