January 30, 2015

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Can you believe January is gone already? Valentine's Day is right around the corner, & while I usually don't make it a big deal in my regular life, I keep seeing the cutest Valentine's Day DIYs & tutorials on Pinterest. Today's links consist of all the adorable things on the internet right now.

Side note, while we're discussing links, my brother's food blog is up & running! While he has a variety of strengths & skills, my brother's main talents lie in cooking & writing. When we were growing up our parents forced encouraged us to take on the task of cooking dinner. This was a job that I took on begrudgingly, making the same chicken & rice dish night after night. My brother, on the other hand, met this chore with excitement & creativity. He would crack open his personal copy of the Joy of Cooking & get to work, tossing in spices & imagining flavors like he wasn't thirteen years old. We both picked up the writing bug at early ages. My writing skills involve being able to write coherently about any given subject; his consist of being able to write beautifully & use big words. Anyway, enough with the vamping. Go check out his blog for some awesome vegan recipes. 

This Week's Top Links


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