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January 23, 2015

links i love // national pie day

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What a marvelous day - it's National Pie Day! Which reminds me: there is simply not enough pie in my life. Have you had a good week? My brother came back into town for a short while so I got in some more family time this week. In exciting news, my brother (who is an excellent writer & chef) is working on starting a blog of his own! Once it's up & running I'll be sure to pass along the link. Now I just have to convince my younger brother to start a blog & it'll be a family affair. 



  1. chess pie is like a super rich (old school southern) custard-y pie. i have a great buttermilk recipe i can share with you--it is delish.
    also: hi ladies! miss you both, bunches!

    1. Thanks! I was wondering... Would love to try the buttermilk recipe!


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