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January 28, 2015

out & about // work lulls & doodles

In my work life, I stay pretty busy most of the time. I get to do a whole bunch of things at my job  - from prepping spreadsheets & processing orders, to cleaning tables & helping sweet little old ladies out to their cars. However, since I work in retail & work mornings, there's always a lull or two to deal with. I've figured something out about my personality while at this job: I hate lulls. I hate doing nothing! Especially at work. My dream job consists of me running around completing tasks & working on projects all day long, then going home completely exhausted as a result of being constantly busy. As crazy & "adult" as this makes me sound, all I want to do is work. I can remember being a freshman in college & thinking to myself, Can't I just skip this & get to the job part? Why am I sitting around doing homework when I could be working? Don't get me wrong - I'm glad I got my degree, but I'd take actual projects over school assignments any day. I've always despised boredom & I've always loved staying busy. But there's only so much cleaning, prepping, & stocking that can be done during my current morning lulls at work before the boredom sets in. Long story short, I've resorted to doodling pictures of my coworkers. 

This one is of me, standing at the front desk greeting people (I also found out from this job that I don't like monotony). 


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