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January 12, 2015

stenciled onesies

I'm going to take a moment & tell you about a favorite person in my life: my hairdresser. She's just the best... not only is she awesome at her job, but she makes me love going to get my hair cut. She's interesting & funny to talk to, she has a great sense of style, & she's super creative. Her studio is full of her artwork & personal knick knacks - it's so quaint I never care if I have to hang out in the waiting room. I haven't ever been devoted to someone who cuts hair, but after I met with her for the first time, I was a devotee. Plus she's also the only hairdresser I've met who understands that "butch" does not mean a man cut. Anyway, she's just had a baby so I wanted to give her something special for a shower gift. Enter these adorable onesies. 

Before picking this project, Heather asked her sister (a mother herself) what was most useful during the first few months of motherhood. She said she was most grateful to have swaddling cloths & onesies with mitten cuffs.
I know very little about babies, but apparently they have super sharp fingernails & can scratch themselves easily, so covering their little hands helps keep them safe. I combined Heather's sister's suggestion with my hairdresser's personal interests & came up with this gift idea. 

These onesies were stenciled exactly like the tea towels I did last month. The only difference was putting a piece of cardboard inside each onesie to prevent paint from transferring to the backside of the garment. When stenciling remember to go slow & to use dabbing motions when applying the paint. Don't forget to heat set! Check out the full stenciling tutorial here.

Oh, my hairdresser is a huge Archer fan, so I had to include a quote. The new baby is apparently super sassy, so hopefully it's fitting. 


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