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January 19, 2015

valentine's day fruit & veggie cards (+ free printable!)

Printable Valentine Cards: You Make My Heart Beet!

It's only January, but my mind's already focusing in on Valentine's Day. I hate all the negative attitude about this holiday - how it's only purpose is commercialism & spending money on flattery. I personally think it's charming to have a day dedicated to love. The holiday is really whatever you make of it - it's all about how you & your partner celebrate. Heather & I usually end up cooking a nice dinner at home for each other (with a good bottle of wine). It's never a big deal with looming expectations, it just is what it is. & it's nice. It's hard to gripe about a holiday that's all about loving someone. 

Printable Valentine Cards: You Are Berry Sweet

Fortunately for me there are few V-Day gripers in my life. When I hear people talk about Valentine's Day I frequently hear reminiscing about elementary school & the little cards kids would hand out. Since I was homeschooled & never got to participate in this adorable tradition, I made some cards this year to hand out. I was at work when the idea struck me, & since I work at a grocery store, the fruit & veggie idea came naturally. I enlisted a few of my co-workers to help me come up with some produce puns & let me tell you what - there was no shortage of jokes.

Printable Valentine Cards: We Make a Great Pear

Download page one & page two of the free printable to make your own Valentine's Day fruit & veggie cards. 

To leave some creative space, the cards will print out in black & white. Print page one on card stock or watercolor paper, then flip the page over & print page two. Cut paper into quarters. I used watercolors to color mine, but you could also use colored pencils, pens, or crayons. Each one will be unique in its own way!

Printable Valentine Cards: You're Such a Spud

I literally could've made a book out of the puns my co-workers came up with. Here's some that didn't make the cut but are too good not to share:

"Orange you glad we found each other?"
"You're the apple of my eye!"
"Let's spend some thyme together."
"You butternut say no!"
& my personal favorite, "We were mint to be!"

Printable Valentine Cards: We Make a Great Pear


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