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February 23, 2015

desk chair, transformed!

Desk Chair, Transformed!
Desk Chair, Transformed!: See the before & after
Ooo you guys, we are getting funky up in here today! Do you see this print? Do you see that chrome silver? I know it sounds weird, but I'm super excited to have a piece of metallic furniture in my house. I think most of you can probably deduce from reading this blog that I'm a pretty tame person, stylistically-speaking. Okay, I'm tame across the board, but you don't need to know that! For all you know I could be the wild-child, partying kinda girl, rocking it until the sun comes up. In reality my idea of a crazy night is staying in & watching Castle while drinking a hard cider (don't judge, it's a good time). Okay, back to my muted sense of style - you've seen it before (for example: here, here, & here). I wouldn't have imagined I could live with a hunky piece of silver furniture in life, but I am seriously digging on this redo.
Before & After - Office chair gets new life in a single afternoon
The old chair had to go, obviously. I don't even remember where I got it, although based on its appearance, I'm guessing it spent its formative years in some conference room somewhere. We found the fabric first (ah Nate Berkus, you make me weak in the knees with your patterns), & decided on the silver after. There was a lot of deliberation on the matter. I suggested gold (Heather wouldn't have it), she suggested teal (potentially a good choice but not bold enough), we both thought maybe silver? But what if we hated it? We needn't have doubted though. This chair is banging.
Before & After - Boring office chair gets a snazzy new look
The first thing we did was remove the cushions - they were held in place with screws which we held on to. Next, we lightly sanded the metal so the new paint would adhere to it better. After wiping away any dust & grime, we applied two coats of spray paint (while showing complete disregard for the grass in our backyard - oops).
Repainting a chair frame
The old screws also got a fresh coat of paint to match. I stuck them upright into the side of an empty cardboard box, which allowed me to paint the entire head & the sides of each screw.

After the silver paint dried, we did a coat of spray semi-gloss polyurethane to protect the paint from scratches. The polyurethane can take up to a day to dry.
Desk Chair, Transformed! Nate Berkus fabric FTW
New fabric was stapled to the old cushions, the screws went back in, &...
Peacock pattern from above
Ta da! God, I love a good makeover.
Go from bore to bling with this office chair makeover
What do you think? Was silver a good choice? Do you have any metallic furniture in your home?


P.S. Before the chair, there was the ottoman!


  1. This is beautiful!

  2. Love how it turned out! I'm currently using a very drab chair I got from Walmart for $5 as a desk chair. This will definitely help to turn it into a not so drab chair.

    Running Alyssa

    1. Yeah, I don't even remember where this chair came from, but man it was fugly! Nothing a good makeover can't fix.

  3. I have 4 chairs we use in our kitchen just like these, and I've been planning on redoing them. Where do you staple the fabric on the back piece? Since the fabric is showing on the back, I wouldn't want the staples to be showing.

    1. For this chair the fabric was able to wrap under the seat to hide the staples, but if you can't hide the edges I'd recommend using decorative upholstery tacks. Rather than being stapled in, the tacks are hammered & pretty enough to be seen!


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