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February 9, 2015

diy lip balm

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, & during this cold, dry month of February the least we can do for our sweethearts is to keep our lips kissable. A.k.a. not the chapped, sandpaper-like mess that mine are right now. Lip balm is easy to make & only takes a few ingredients. Plus nothing says "I love you" quite like proper moisturizing. This recipe also works great for a hand salve if your lover doesn't enjoy the exfoliation that happens every time they reach for your hand (if you can't tell the winter has been rough on my skin & I'm bitter about it).

A hint about working with wax - it's messy, so don't use any tools that you're super attached to. Use popsicle sticks to stir your wax as it melts, & use glass in your double boiler for an easier clean up. Because wax repels water, make sure you thoroughly wipe your tools with a dry paper towel after you've used them & before you wash them. I like to make my lip balm in a glass measuring cup for easy pouring.

To make some DIY lip balm, you'll need:

In a double-boiler, melt together the beeswax, shea butter, & coconut oil on medium-low heat. Stir frequently & heat up until your ingredients have turned to liquid. 

Add the essential oil, stir thoroughly, & remove from heat. Pour the melted mixture into your containers. Cool, & done! 

Don't forget to add some labels. I printed these hearts onto watercolor paper & adhered with double-sided tape. 

Stay moisturized, my lovelies.


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