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February 27, 2015

links i love // life hacks

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I've been giving a lot of thought to wasted time this week. I read a saying the other day that I've been unable to stop mulling over in my head. It goes (& I'm paraphrasing here), "There is no such thing as down time. There is only wasted time." I don't remember where I saw it or who said it, but I've been in a personal debate over whether that's true or not. On one hand I know I waste a lot of time (thanks a lot, Pastry Paradise), but on the other hand I know that I can only run so hard until I break down. I've definitely been feeling a burn-out of late, which only makes me feel guiltier about down time. I just have to remind myself that my resting moments are not wasted moments, they're necessary to recharge. 

While we're talking about stream lining our time, this week's links are all life-hacks! 

  • 18 Infographs to Make Cooking Easier // Beautiful & helpful. Considering printing a few of these out & framing them in the kitchen. 
  • Professional-Looking Gift Bags in a Pinch // I always realize I'm out of wrapping materials right when I go to wrap something. This will come in handy. 
  • How to Clean an Air Filter // When we moved into our current home we had to buy a reusable air filter instead of the disposable kind because standard ones wouldn't fit our air duct. Thank goodness, because those reusable ones are way more economical. A vacuum cleans them right out & they're better for the environment. 
  • Walnuts & Wood Scratches // I can speak from personal experience that this actually works. No idea how, but it really does. 
  • Cleaning Reusable Grocery Bags // As someone who works at a grocery store, God bless the woman who wrote this. 
  • How to Fold Plastic Bags // While we're on the subject, how to turn your plastic grocery bags into space-saving triangles. 
  • Cupcake Sandwich // Liz Lemon knows the right way to live life. 


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