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March 20, 2015

links i love // goodbye, hoopdie. hello, spring!

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Are you excited for the weekend? Any big plans? Let me know so I can live vicariously through you! I’ve got the itch to travel, but sadly that is the furthest (financial) objective right now. I’m so ready to hit the road, though. 

Sadly the road-hitting has been taken down a notch this week - the Hoopdie has been sold. I’ve got mixed feelings on the matter. I know it will be better for my health & the environment to be entirely bike-dependant, but something about not having a car makes me feel like my house is an island & I’m stranded on it. One of the bright sides of this whole biking deal is that this beaut of a helmet is coming in the mail any day now.

(Can I just tell you how long it took for me to find a cute helmet? There is a serious lack of adorable brain-holders in the world.)

I hope you do have a great weekend - it’s getting all spring-y out! 

This week's links:

Related // My new bike helmet matches my mint green bike. Hey-o.

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