March 13, 2015

links i love // springtime is here

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One day I'm wearing scarves & boots, the next it's shorts-weather. Springtime is here, folks. It's indicated primarily by the swarms of bees eagerly pollinating the flowers outside my front door. You do your thing, bees, but please stop flying into my hair.

It may just be the changing of the seasons, but everything that's happening just feels so lovely. Heather & I are about to reach our four-year anniversary (eek! - time is a'flying). Last night we got all dolled up & went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate. Date nights are the best. I can't believe that after four years we still have so much to talk about. I've also got a lot of fun projects in the works - even a project that Heather is working on all by herself! I'm so proud of my little crafter.

Top links of the week:


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