March 11, 2015

out & about // it's going to be a crazy year

Doing // Covering myself in temporary tattoos. If you've missed in on Instagram, I found a load of tattoos while cleaning out the craft room & I've been slowly rolling them out. I've got SO MANY LEFT. Also, in addition to battling the sluggish feelings brought on by Daylight Savings (trying to look on the bright side, we do have more sunlight now!), Heather & I have been working on a... project of sorts. It's kind of a secret. Sorry to leave you in the lurch. I hate secrets, & I especially hate it when someone says they have a secret & then refuse to talk about it. I'll be able to discuss it soon enough, but for now it's hush-hush. I'm not bringing it up to maliciously titillate you, my fair readers - I'm just bringing it up because this "project" is taking up a lot of our time & I may not be able to post as frequently as I have been. But stay tuned! Exciting things are a'coming.

Watching // I am absolutely in love with Tina Fey's new show. I've watched it all & I'm about to watch it again. SO GOOD. & so quotable!

Listening // Here's a secret about myself: I like really trashy music. Like dirty-bass, get-your-butt-in-motion kind of music. My love of trap music began with the purchase of my car about seven years ago. It's a '98 Oldsmobile the size of a boat & is lovingly dubbed "The Hoopdie." Basically it is a piece-o-crap car, & something about its ghetto nature has me driving along to equally ghetto music. I mention this now because sadly the Hoopdie & I are about to part ways. The ceiling is rusting out, it's developed a weird moldy smell, & it is making too many suspicious noises to count. Essentially it's time to say goodbye. During these last few days with my car, I've been blaring a lot of trap music in memoriam. RIP, Hoopdie. You have served me well.

Feeling // Stressed! What am I going to do without my car? I'm not selling it with the intentions of buying a new one - I'm going car-free! Cue panic mode! I'm hoping that I can become completely dependent on my mint-green ride since our city is becoming more & more bike-able. Needless to say it is going to be a rough transition. Transitional pro: watch out, calves, you're about to get muscle-y.

Loving // The sheer fact that Snoop Dogg has a Pinterest account. What a time to be alive.


P.S. We have officially made the change to! Exciting times! 

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