April 24, 2015

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Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so excited for the weekend. There's so much to do! 

Every time I tell someone I'm moving to Minnesota, the first response I get is about how cold it's going to be there. At first I was like, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I can always put on more layers. I'm a tough girl from Pennsylvania." But now I'm getting worried. I don't know if it's the number of times people have brought up the cold or if reality is finally sinking in, but I'm starting to fret about it. Maybe I'm not tough. Maybe I've totally acclimated to living in the south & this coming winter is going to break me. Maybe I won't make it. This is a silly thing to worry about. Over 400,000 people live in Minneapolis & don't die mid-January. Still, it has me reevaluating my vegetarianism & thinking of investing in down jackets & animal skins. I'm just hoping that Minneapolis skyway is all it's cracked up to be. 

Anyways, on to the links! They're almost all lady-based today (except for Pancake the cat, which if you visit one of these links today, it has to be that one. I'm still squealing). 

I hope you all have a lovely & productive weekend!


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