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April 10, 2015

links i love // minnesota on my mind

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Everything in my life is a flurry (wishing it was more of a McFlurry). Even though I'm practicing some deep-breathing exercises, I don't think I'll be calm until we've settled into our new home. Aye, my nerves! I'm so excited about the move, though. Other than stressing, my days have been filled with researching our new city. It's a crazy-cool time to be alive when you can take a virtual tour down the streets of your new home on Google Street View. I have already virtually "walked" to all the local coffee shops & bars in our new neighborhood. I've also been reading up on how radiators work, since that's what our building heats from & I've never used one before. Then there's the more boring stuff like taking the Minnesota driver's test, how to turn on the utilities, getting a pet license (even though she'll have her license, I think Donut's still too young to drive), where to park the car in a snow storm, etc. So many new things to worry about. If you have any tips for staying calm in the middle of some serious life-changes, let me know. 

Even though moving is the only thing on my mind, let's talk links. 

Top links of the week:


Related // I want to fill our new apartment with plants, but I'm wary to do so since I killed off each & every one of my succulents. My thumbs are NOT green. 

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