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April 8, 2015

out & about // big news

Guess what?


We're moving.

Not across the street, not to the other side of town, but to another state. Another state that is like six states away from where we live now. You guys, I'm so excited/terrified/nervous. 

This is our big "project" that we've been working on! I've hated keeping you in the dark, but now that I've officially put in my notice at work I can spill all of the proverbial beans. It's been weird keeping such a huge decision in my life so hush-hush, but we wanted to wait until all the pieces were in place before we announced it.

Long story short - it's time to move on. I love my current city & my current job, but knowing that there's so much more out there to explore & experience has us wanting to get out & try to make it on our own. Plus it's a little weird being a gay couple in the south. Okay, more like uncomfortable & often times scary. Plus it's so (whiney voice) hoooootttttt down here. Give me four seasons & a pile of snow, for goodness sake.

Which brings me to my next point: we're moving from Florida to Minneapolis!

Because moving is stressful/hectic/time-consuming, the tutorials may not come as frequently over the next short while. I wanted to give the heads up that I may be too busy stressing about my new job/new apartment (which is adorbs, btw) to post anything.

I'm so excited to explore our new city & take lots of pictures. Wish us luck on our crazy endeavor. We're going to need it. Like, seriously. How do you even drive a moving truck?


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  1. Congrats on the Big Move! I'm in TX, and I can't imagine moving to MN. I can't stand the cold... You are a braver soul than I.

    1. I love the cold but even I am scared for the negative temperatures!

  2. Eeeeep so exciting!! Kristie and I will be in Minneapolis this summer -- July maybe? We should meet up!

    1. Oh my goodness, yes please. Hopefully by July I'll have figured out where all the hip coffee places are. :)


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