April 22, 2015

out & about // nudes update, news update

Doing // All I really want to do is make things instead of planning our move. You'll be seeing less tutorials for a short period mostly because I can't find any of my supplies. I know they're in the house, I just can't figure out which box they're in. Packing ahead has its pros & cons. Thanks for bearing with me.

I've officially gone through & cataloged all of my old artwork, tossing what I don't need to lighten my moving load. I had no idea I did so many nude drawings. These are two of them. There's a ton more on my professional website

Watching // Okay, I'm super late to the party on this one, but Mad Men, guys. That show is so good, & I've been on a Netflix bender. 

Listening // Since I got rid of my car I realized I don't need to hold onto my CD collection anymore, so I've been loading them all onto my computer. Fun fact: the first CD I ever bought was the Tarzan soundtrack. Phil Collins, you'll be in my heart, forever.

Feeling // Excited. Nervous. I only have two weeks left at my current job. It's a weird feeling. I've been working there for seven years! It's the job that got me through college, the job that introduced me to my circle of friends & even to Heather. As I'm typing this I'm realizing I only have two weeks left working with my girlfriend. HOW WEIRD. 

Loving // The fact that we've finally making the move to Facebook. You can officially find the blog at!


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